Lead retrieval apps and tools associated with it have replaced the classic way of networking at events. Not only is lead retrieval event app an attractive add-on for event organizers, sponsors and exhibitors, it is also one of the most trusted ways for companies to make the most of their sales and marketing efforts. With all the data in one CRM, a lead retrieval app allows both the marketing and sales teams to communicate seamlessly with each other and have an integrated campaign.

Below are the four main reasons why you should opt for a lead retrieval app. Learn the ways in which this technology is reinforcing organization and client/prospect communication and advancing marketing efforts way beyond the event floor.


  1. A professional impression on potential clients with digital lead retrieval apps.

Your marketing team can look very unprofessional, or even technophobic if there are huge lists of names and fishbowls filled with business cards kept at your booth. On the contrary, using a digital lead retrieval app will give your attendees the impression of an organised, tech-savvy event planning team.

A digital lead retrieval app is easy to use and can be utilized to follow up with prospects. With a few swift taps on your tablet or smartphone, you can collect all the required data and replace the tedious business cards or a pen and paper methods. Additionally, you will be able to deliver your pitch with confidence that your contact information is correct and you have all the required information to continue the conversation.


  1. Availability of leads to marketing and sales in real-time

If you collect business cards at your events, you would know that organizing them and the list of potential customers after the event takes weeks, if not months. Also, these hard-earned leads can get lost while travelling between events. Add to it, following up on these business cards through email can take weeks and dilute all your marketing efforts.

In comparison, an efficient lead retrieval app has the capability to store and scan vital information like names, email addresses, and phone numbers of prospects. This will allow you to access the information in real-time and even after the event is over. Information collected through lead retrieval app can facilitate a follow-up that occurs in hours, consequently retaining the brand in the prospect’s mind. The quick follow up also strengthens established relationships and allows sales to convert several leads into actual customers with personalized communication.


  1. Marketing and sales work more closely and know the kind of leads they have

The real value of leads cannot be determined just by glancing at the business cards collected at the event. A good lead retrieval app not only allows you to get all the basic information in one place but also has the capability to score lead and see the buyer’s journey. It enables the teams to take notes and make it easy for the sales team to know where and when to follow up with the potential prospect. With the precise information available in just a few clicks, the sales teams have a more targeted approach to convert the deals more quickly.

In conclusion, a lead retrieval app can give your team, your attendees, and your exhibitors all the required tools to have a productive post-event follow-up.


  1. Makes you and your event GDPR compliant

If you are in the marketing department, then you must have heard of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into effect early this year. With such data privacy rules strengthening around the world, you need to be careful of what data you store and if at all you have the consent to store it in the first place.

That is where a lead retrieval app can make you GDPR compliant and help you market your events without any fear of hefty fines. When you save data in your lead retrieval app, you can take consent from your prospect and ensure that you have a written consent. This is a crucial clause in the new regulation, and collecting business cards does not necessarily mean that you have the consent to market these contacts.



When you use lead retrieval event app, results are almost guaranteed. You not only set your events up for success but also maximise your business potential. A trusted technology provider can be the game changer as it can provide the right solution that is customised to your needs and provide recommendations based on your usage of the app.


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